Boarding Houses

In more remote Myanmar we have started some very exciting new projects aimed at providing education for children who otherwise would not be able to access any schooling at all.

In such regions there are usually schools in the towns but not in the countryside. By building boarding houses in the towns we can accommodate children from the surrounding countryside during term times; some come to the towns especially to stay at the boarding houses while others find the houses a place of refuge having lived on the streets solely so that they can access education.  For these children it's a great relief having lived in fear of robbery, abuse and even abduction.

So far we have built three boarding houses in north west Myanmar at Paletwa, Samee, and Khamti.  They stay during term times and in the holidays and at other times they are able to return home and so keep contact with their families and local cultures. At the moment we are supporting about 100 children through school in these boarding houses.

At the boarding houses our staff ensure the children are well fed and thriving at school. Help is available for homework and extra classes are provided. Parents and family members are encouraged to visit whenever possible.