Other Projects

While our main focus has been on our children's work in Myanmar and Cambodia we have also been delighted to partner with some other worthwhile projects.


Doves Wings

We were very excited to partner in a special project in China. Doves Wings is a home for handicapped babies in central China. It was started by our friends at ChinaHeart International and HopeAsia agreed to cover the costs of some of the nannies that are needed 24 hours a day to care for these precious children whose outlook, without Doves Wings, would be very bleak indeed

One of our trustees, Crispin Fairbairn, was able to visit the project and was deeply touched by seeing the happy, healthy babies that have been patiently nursed back to health. In time they will be found long term homes with families in China or overseas.

Earthquake 2008

When the devastating earthquake hit Sichuan province in Spring 2008 it made the news all over the world. It was particularly personal to trustees Ben White and Crispin Fairbairn who have worked extensively in that area.

We were able to link with friends from Care For The Children in China to provide immediate assistance and with the help of our supporters sent £7,000 to help rebuild a home for handicapped children in the mountains.


As well as the orphanage we have funded two projects in Phnom Penh

We linked with Hosea Ministries in 2008 to rent a property and establish a much needed drug rehabilitation centre. Our friends at County Trust joined us to fund the first years rental payments leaving Hosea free to provide the necessary care.

In Spring 2009 we linked with Jubilee Church in Phnom Penh to fund their "Computer Club". The aim of the club is to provide poor students with opportunities to attain computer skills in order to assist them find better paid jobs in the future. Previously students would learn how to use the software from books without access to a PC! A visit to an internet cafe would mean spending so much that they would have to skip a meal. The curriculum involves learning to type, using Word, Excel and PowerPoint.