Cambodia was our first area of involvement in Asia where we partnered with local organisation, Hope For Orphans Cambodia.

When we first met Pastor Im and his wife, Miev Saylan, they were caring for a small group of orphans in a run-down shack in a jungle area of remote Cambodia. Over the years that followed we built several dormitory buildings; a kitchen and dining hall and in 2010 a fabulous education facility that enabled us to supplement the education the children received locally.  We have been able to provide a sage and loving home for children who had been orphaned or abandoned; rescue children who were in forced labour at a farm nearby and also fund life-saving operations for one of our girls who had been severely injured in an abusive domestic situation. 

As well as academic learning we trained the teenagers in tailoring, motor cycle maintenance and woodwork so that they would be well equipped for the outside world when it came time to leave the home and make their way in life.

We have received many heart-warming stories of the youngsters going on to get jobs or embark on further education at universities in Phnom Penh where one of our girls was studying to become a doctor. Some have married and started families of their own.

Sadly Miev Saylan died last year; her life affected hundreds of children all of whom would have had radically different outcomes were it not for her incredible love and care. There have been several changes since she passed away; her daughter is now in charge of the children’s home and they continue to care for the children providing them with their day-to-day needs; a good education and the knowledge that they are loved and cared for.

Our involvement with the Cambodian home is far less now as they have attracted other sources of financial support and we felt we had achieved what we set out to do.