Our work in Yangon began in February 2012.

Myanmar has been largely closed off to the rest of the world for the last 50 years and so has not benefited from the development in other parts of Asia. 

We visited a pastor who oversees a network of churches that spreads throughout Myanmar and has been asked on numerous occasions to care for children who have either been orphaned or where one parent has died and the surviving parent has been unable to cope. There were about 30 children living in bamboo shacks and sleeping on slatted wood platforms over the bare earth. When the rainy season comes the area becomes flooded and the floodwaters stop just a few inches below the floor. Given that there are no proper sewage systems in the area you can only imagine what the water was like.

We set about raising money to build a place where the children could be safe and cared for; within a few months Hosanna Children's Home was built.  Since then we've undertaken a number of projects across the country.  Please click on the links below to see how HopeAsia is making a difference.