We're always looking for opportunities to enhance the life chances of children we come across and usually this means helping them to get a good education.  So when we had the opportunity to build and fund two pre-schools for children from very poor backgrounds we were delighted to do so.

Our first was in Yangon, near to Hosanna children's Home and the Education Centre.  As well as funding and equipping the facility we helped get our staff properly trained and qualified.  Families from the surrounding area who would otherwise find it very hard to afford to give their children this start in life are welcome to send their youngsters along so that they are one step ahead when it comes to going to school.

The second pre-school we started is in Lashio in Shan State near to the border with China.  We were introduced to a wonderful lady who had qualified as a teacher and wanted to help in a very poor part of the town. Since starting in 2018 the school has grown and the children have thrived!